take part!


During Art Language Location Contemporary and Performance Art Festival in Cambridge, between the 13th and the 29rd of October 2016, you can take part. But this will continue even afterwards to feed into the development of the project.

“Every time I go to a new place, and I know I am going to be there a few days, I start looking for what will be my morning coffee spot.  I try to create some habits, to make it a bit more familiar…”

Are you a parent? Are you willing to meet me on your school run route? Would you be interested in contributing to shaping a nomadic sculpture, have a coffee and a chat? No art experience necessary. Your input will contribute to the creative  investigation into identity formation in relation to place attachment.

Get in touch, and indicate where you could meet me in the city, do enter your details here or send an email to me at info@rockfluid.com

Part of a project funded by Arts Council England and supported by the project partners: Art Langage Location; New Hall Collection, Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge; Lincoln University.


image:  Margaret Lowenfeld’s Mosaic box (a house seen in perspective , table 2) part of the Lowenfeld archive, courtesy of the Centre for Family for Family Research, Cambridge University


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